Each consulting project is tailored to your specific needs and priced individually and in consultation with you. Naturally, the cost-per-hour declines when the Client’s commitment increases. In other words, you get a better deal when you give Jim a lot of work, versus a little!

The following is intended to give you an overall sense of how Jim charges for his consulting.

clockHourly Consulting:

If Jim’s consulting is purchased on an hourly basis, Jim’s hourly rate is $300/hour, with a 4-hour minimum. 4 x $300 = $1,200.


The Intensive:

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A rigorous 2½ day brainstorming and planning session at your location to develop a new show or improve existing programs. Involves identification of:

  • Clarify motivation to do show: what is the mandate?
  • Survey of Staff about show;
  • Mission and Expectations;
  • Differentiators between this show and others;
  • The Show Bible and 10 commandments;
  • How to create Signature Segments and brainstorming about actual segments;
  • Full written summary and recommendations, timetable, resource analysis, metrics to measure success
  • Critiques of first production and ongoing communication.

Cost of this entire package averages between $7,500 and $10,000 per Intensive, plus travel and related expenses. (Travel time is billed at $50/hour plus travel expenses.)

Other Services

Full Program Development:

This is to guide you through development of your program concept. A 3-6 month process of working with the you and other staff in every phase of program development. Includes 2-3 on-location Intensive Planning Sessions as described above, and in between sessions, the audition of produced material, email critiques and conference calls. In addition to subjects listed above:

  • All of above (under Intensive), plus:
  • Assessment of Organizational Strengths & Weaknesses;
  • Concept Development;
  • Budgeting;
  • Business Analysis;
  • Staffing Plan;
  • Clock & Segment Creation;
  • Piloting and fine-tuning concept;
  • Distribution & Marketing Plan;
  • Launch.

Based upon a proposal.

Invention of New Show:

Invention by Jim Russell of a unique new program including the program idea, the demand and opportunity for it, and in addition to all of the items of “Full Program Development” listed above:

  • All of above, plus:
  • Invention of a unique new show including program idea.
  • Serving as Startup Executive Producer;
  • Recruit Host/s & Producer.
  • Negotiate Distribution;
  • Fundraising Assistance;
  • Station Marketing assistance;

Based upon a proposal.

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